Gas Metering - Small industry

OKO X305

OKO X305 is a battery powered, ATEX certified, wireless data logger, that can be easily installed on existing diaphragm meters. Received data from the past few months are stored and transferred over GPRS/SMS to acquisition server periodically (e.g. daily at specified time). Flexible configuration permits for customization of logged data structures and communication pattern for specific Gas Utility needs. OKO X305 installed on gas meter takes pulses from the meter (appropriate adapter on request - see below) and sends the data (regular archive data and alarms) over GPRS/SMS to IMR Suite Server. Subsequently, the data can be processed further to 3rd party data center.

oko x305

HeadEnd System for data acquisition, analitics, and presentation

It’s a high class application developed for readouts, configuration and communication management. Designed to meet business requirements, the platform supports devices using various communication protocols.

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