Oil Tank Monitoring

OKO 5513

OKO is a unit with integrated level (pressure) probe. The stored hourly measurements are sent via GSM network with the frequency determined by the client. Current level and hourly readouts are displayed on customer screen. In a tank farm OKO can act as a master that receives tank level data over radio from up to 5 ALEVEL 303 slave units integrated with level probe.

The pressure sensor (ordered separately) can be connected directly to OKO with long cable. Such feature helps to install OKO in the most convenient place and enhances GSM signal reception. Additionally, IMR tank monitoring system includes Alevel 03 devices enabling wireless connection of both magnetostrictive and pressure sensors with OKO 55X3.

Alevel 0303

Is a slave unit delivering fuel levels via radio from additional tanks at the same location (up to 5) to OKO55 unit performing as a master.

schemat Wireless Oil Tank Monitoring

HeadEnd System for data acquisition, analitics, and presentation

It’s a high class application developed for readouts, configuration and communication management. Designed to meet business requirements, the platform supports devices using various communication protocols.

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